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  • Stock photography doesn’t have to be the first port of call for photos on your site! We recently did a photo shoot for Watersaver Gardens. It didn’t take long to shoot, and actually ended up being cheaper for the client than buying stock photos!

    We’re incredibly pleased with the results, with the web design having some great feature photography, plus it leaves our client with some visual assets they can easily use for other marketing material in the future.

    We think it’s a win all round.

  • Be warned, it’s 24 minutes long, so make sure you have some spare time before you start watching. If you do, it’s a great little insight into the t-shirt printing website It looks at how it all started and where it’s going. The most interesting part is getting an insight into Jake Nickell’s thought process, and his approach to starting a business.

  • There’s one industry I always seem to come back to for design inspiration. It’s always producing really interesting artwork, cutting edge web design (that isn’t flash) and a really unique look and feel that’s always evolving; I’m talking about snow sports.

    Brands like Burton, Thirty Two, Smith, Giro, Rossignol and many others seem to produce visually stunning… well.. everything! Their websites look great, their products always look unique, their photography is breathtaking, and their print material is always top quality. I think it’s just a really great place to turn if you need some design inspiration.


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