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  • What kind of work goes into creating a website? The answer is simple; a lot. All the processes that go into the build, from the initial meeting, to the site going live, usually spans around 3 months. Of course, this varies project to project; small sites can take a few weeks, while especially large sites can take over a year.

    What makes a good website?

    The best websites are a result of a team effort; a client who understands their industry, and experienced web professionals who understand the advantages and pitfalls in the digital space. A client who identifies what’s important to their business, what the website needs to achieve, and how their industry operates.

    It’s the web professionals task to work with this knowledge and apply it to the broad range of tools at their disposal. They should have the knowledge and experience to identify if social media is relevant, what keywords are going to be important, how to best exploit any strengths, and much more.

    A website that lasts

    This approach of client/agency teamwork sets a foundation for something that’s designed to last. It takes a lot of thought and planning to design a website that not only meets a client’s immediate needs, but one that will also scale and be flexible enough for their future needs. This is where experienced web professionals really pulls their weight.

    Just like any other industry, you’re not simply purchasing a website. When you reach out of the best, you’re also benefiting from lessons learned from past experiences, a detailed understanding of standards and best practice, and you’ll find web designers and developers who live and breathe the web. With all this combined, you’ll find a website which comes to life, which can identify and solve problems in the best possible way.

    While there is a lot more that goes into building a good website, it really is that understanding of what needs to be achieved and what’s important that makes a great website, and this understanding can only be achieved through commitment, teamwork and experience.

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