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BD Pool Safety Inspections

A website can be expensive for a small business, so we created a great site for BD Pool Safety Inspections that fit within their budget. It was a great success, with leads being generated on the day it was launched!

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Starting something new

As a new small business, BD Pool Safety Inspections approached Clear Assembly to build a simple website that helped them promote their business to potential clients. The goals were quite straight forward:

  • Create a professional high quality site that promoted BD Pool Safety Inspections
  • Provide an easy way for potential clients to make a booking enquiry

Simple Bookings

To help push business through the site we provided a customised form that made booking enquiries simple for people to fill out, but at the same time provided BD Pools with the information they needed to successfully pursue that new lead.

The setup was so successful that they started receiving enquiries within the first week of the sites launch!

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