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Being a boutique architecture firm, we needed to create a unique and stylish design for COARCHITECTURE. With a lot of great input from the client, we built a site that beautifully showcases their work.

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The Right Approach

COARCHITECTURE came to us wanting a redesign of their existing site, due to a business restructuring. We quickly realised that a simple redesign would not suffice, so we took the opportunity to perform a complete rebuild.


The goals of the site were simple:

  1. Show off the architecture and design abilities of COARCHITECTURE
  2. Make it extremely easy to update the site in future.

Planning makes perfect

Our goal was to streamline and simplify their existing site, and we started off by wireframing every page in the site. This was a highly iterative process, and we continuously refined the page layout and wireframes until it provided the exact user experience the client wanted.

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