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All our sites are built on top of an award-winning CMS (Content Management System). A CMS lets you manage all of your site's content with a minimum of effort. Create new pages, edit content, and upload images, as easily as you would in a Word document.

Assembler CMS

Assembler CMS is enterprise grade software, but is a fraction of the cost. Built using industry leading open source tools it’s secure, stable, and fast.

backbone of every
Clear Assembly

Rock Solid

Assembler CMS is powered by Symphony CMS, an industry leading open source platform used by big brands such as The BBC, MTV, Heineken and Channel 4, to name a few. You can be assured your site is built on one of the most trusted foundations available.

Support & Service

Sure it’s rock solid, but that doesn’t mean we'll just release your website into the wild without support. We provide free one-on-one training for you and your staff, along with comprehensive video tutorials, for every site we build.

If you have any questions or run into trouble, call us for assistance.
Completely free. Any time.


We’re constantly improving Assembler CMS and finding new ways to make managing your site as easy as possible.

  • Live Editing

    Edit your site's content, right in the page, and watch it update as you type. It's incredibly easy, safe, and lets you view your changes instantly.

  • Safety Net

    Have you ever lost an important document, or saved over some new changes accidentally? We used to. That's why all our sites have version history.
    Easily roll your changes back to any time in the past.

  • Kitchen Sink

    Assembler CMS also has all the usual functionality you expect from an enterprise-grade CMS, such as user management, intelligent automatic image resizing, and SEO tools. But we've made sure it's still incredibly simple to operate.

Fast &

Our servers are located in Sydney, managed by dedicated system adminstrators, who constantly monitor the infrastructure delivering your website to the world. This means your site is fast, reliable and secure.

Projects Using Assembler CMS We've made some big claims about how fantastic our CMS is.
Check out our projects to see we're not all talk.