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Live Content Editing Demo

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You can edit the content on this page by clicking the Edit tab at the top right of the page. The buttons in the toolbar will format the text, similar to the way Microsoft Word works. The h1, h2 and h3 buttons will format the selected as headings, using the styles defined for your website.


The site is left in control of all the fonts and colours so that your brand and visual style is kept consistent. This ensures that your site is as robust as possible, giving you the confidence to manage the content yourself.

You can even add links to other parts of your site, or to external websites easily.

Formatting Options

Formatting options we provide by default:

  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • Numbered lists
  • Bulleted lists
  • Links
  • Block quotes

Note that some functionality has been removed for the purpose of this demo. Contact us to organise a product demonstration!

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